Virtual Machine’s Hard Disk greyed out – Unable to resize


Virtual Machine’s Hard Disk greyed out – Unable to resize


I have been asked by an application owner to increase the size of a disk on his applications virtual machine. So I went through the motions of logging into vCenter expecting to undertake a simple task of expanding the disk.  However when editing the settings of the VM I noticed the hard disk settings were greyed out as below.


As the Disk File is showing a suffix of “-000001.vmdk” this would imply that there is a snapshot of the VM. So I headed over to snapshot manager to consolidate and no snapshots were present!


I did some forum reading on this issue and found some hints to remove the “lost” snapshot using vmkfstools. However, before trying this method I created a new snapshot for the VM and the consolidated. This returned the vmdk to its expected naming format and I was now able to increase the size of the disk as requested by our application team.

I used powerCLI to consolidate the snapshot but can be done through the GUI too, here is the PowerCLI command I used if anyone prefers that method of working:


$VM = get-vm vmname | get-view