Updating ESXi Hosts using Update Manager


Updating ESXi hosts using Update Manager

You may be aware of the recent WannaCry ransomware attack. I mean who wasn’t, right? Internally within our company this caused a bit of a stir around patching and making sure our environment is up to date. Something that is overlooked by a lot of support staff but can be devastating if not kept up to date. At a recent VMUG I attended Michael Armstrong (@m80arm) from VMware was given a presentation on NSX security and asked for a show of hands if anyone’s environment is 100% patched. The result… no hands from 50 attendees! Quite alarming. So let’s go through patching our ESXi hosts using update manager.

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SRM (Site Recovery Manager) – vCenter 5.5 upgrade Issue


I had been tasked with upgrading an environment from vCenter 5.5 update 2 to update 3e. Sounds straight forward right? Well the environment has SRM (Site Recovery Manager) installed. That shouldn’t be a problem though should it? Let’s start by updating the DR side first.

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